“Everything I have learnt through reading ‘How To…’ books, attending the most famous writing courses on the planet and a few things no – one mentioned.”

I am a Mum, wife, and a writer. I also work full time as a CEO and founder of a company,, for people who are either pre – diabetic or just simply want to live a Sugardown life. I have a Master degree in International Marketing, and have worked in advertising, Broadcast (Channel 4) and International Retail. I have lectured at London Universities on the subject of International Marketing and for the last fifteen years worked in a firm that I founded. I decided at fifty years old, yes fifty, to write my first novel. It was the first time I could afford to take the time and trouble to do something without the guaranteed return required to pay the mortgage.

Most people who write novels are in a similar situation as me. Few can afford to sit for a few years at a desk and just write. That is what we debut authors must do before our unique stories are considered by an agent. Even fewer people travel into central London to attend some of the most exclusive and prestigious writing courses on the planet. Without any previous writing experience. During the last three years, I have spent many thousands of pounds & hours doing just that. I have also read hundreds of “Write that Novel” type of books and spoken to many publishers, editors, agents, and authors. I have attended many writing courses and workshops, including and by no means limited to, The Faber Academy, Curtis Brown Creative, Write That Novel, The Hay Festival, Chiltern Literary Festival, and The Norwich Crime Festival. I read every “How to Write” book I could get my hands on and visited every talk I could get to if it was given by any of my favourite authors. Throughout, I wrote daily.

The result was my first novel, the psychological thriller, Limerence – Losing You Saving Me. Three months after it was published in 2015 it entered the top 100 psychological thriller chart, on, in the USA.

This should be the part where I tell you that the people I met on the writing courses I have attended helped me complete the novel and publish, but that is not the case. Not one person on any of the courses offered me any serious advice on how to self – publish and all of the people I have met along the way, students and tutors alike, see self – publishing as a final last – ditch option. They may be right. I remain open minded. If I were thirty years younger, I would be very firmly in “traditional publishing is the way to go” camp.

I offer this book as a quick, easy to read, guide of what I believe to be the basics you need to know before you begin writing a novel. I have crafted it as a guide, a checklist of the things I need to double check when I finish the final draft of my next novel. I have mashed up the good information about “How to Write” fiction and removed the reams of information I found to be, put simply, irrelevant, the silly to downright stupid ideas peddled by some in the literary profession.

My hope is that you may save yourself hours of time and perhaps, lots of money, cutting through the tons of information, which is freely available, as I have condensed it into this palatable book. This is my opinion of what the “How to Write a Novel” basics truly are and is constructed with three years of solid learning by classes, reading, and experience.

When you get to the end, my hope is that you will be able to congratulate yourself. You will know enough to enable you to draft a beginning – a middle – and an end, to your beautiful original first novel.