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Author M.C. Browne

My Journey to Limerence ‘Losing You Saving Me’ by MC Browne

Article by M C Browne ©.
Posted in the Magazine (Tell Your Own Story: Writing & Me, Tell Your Own Story).

I was born in the US to N Irish parents and we all moved back to N Ireland at the height of the troubles. 1969. Coronation Street had just taken off as a soap opera and troops were brought in from England by the truckload to walk the streets of Belfast.

I left as soon as I could, I ran away from the soft rhythms of the Irish poet and song master Cecil Francis Alexander, the words of ‘All things Bright and Beautiful’ and ‘Once In Royal David’s City’ being the most literary things in my life to date; my parents driven by the need to provide the essentials in life, with no time for anything…

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