The week wrapped up with one of the highest TV ratings of the year. Britain’s Got Talent. And after months of comedic clips, put downs, and praise it would appear that actually the most talent we have is contained in a 4 stone dog named Matisse and his trainer aptly named Jules. Who rather than allowing her puppy to chase after sheep, which is, after all, it’s instinctive desire –  trained the dog to hobble – head down – across two ropes. Yes indeedy, last night was a sight to behold and a deep worry for anyone who works in any area of British culture.


  Am I being snobby? I certainly hope so. For me, the last few months have been a roller coaster of questions. Is David Walliams going to make an announcement to the world? And why is it OK for him, a children’s author, to suggest contestants take their kit off and not OK for the rest of us? What is Amanda Holden’s talent? How does Alesha Dixon juggle a tiny baby and this colossal job?


 What is Amanda Holden’s talent? Sorry I’ve said that already. Lastly, is the immensely gifted Simon Cowell our only successful talent to be exported and still want to live here?

 It got me thinking. Just how many Brits are working on the current world stage? Lots have made their money and slopped off into the sunset, (sorry Adele) but who currently represents the Great in Britain? Acting has Eddie Redmayne and Benedict Cumberbatch, both recovering from slugging it out for the Oscar with Christian Bale also getting lots of attention. 


Keira Knightly & Helen Mirren & Judi Dench are all getting big applause for their gruelling workloads. It’s a not too shabby British A list. We have producers/ directors like Ridley Scott working full on producing awesome movie after movie. And then there is Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, Mark Ronson ruling the world of music around the globe. I could mention One Direction – OK – there – done that.


So what about our future : Where is the new talent? I had a dig around and can say that of the few hundred newbies singles and demo’s I have listened to – here’s my top five – with YouTube links – Interested to know what you think?

 But one thing that is clear – #BGT is not representative of the immense talent we offer and occasionally nurture. It’s an entertainment show – a good one – but; apart from the final, I suppose if it weren’t for Simon Cowell the untalented wouldn’t have any place to show up …

In the meantime – we seem to be faring very well indeed.

Here’s my music talent tips for the next year or so! It’s heartening not one of them would be seen on a talent show:

EVA STONE – You Heard IT here first :

eva stone

Sam Fender – Gorgeous voice and not that shabby on the eye :

sam fender

 Longy – Serious talent  with decent management –



Beth Rowley : Already flying but worth a mention:


 Josh Flowers and The Wild : Quirky & interesting – one’s to watch :  

josh flowers

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