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Alex & Steph #ToughLove – So Freakin’ Tight

Everyone wants to be part of something before it happens and, sadly, if you are one of the few people who haven’t heard of these two very talented London Lad’s, Alex & Steph, who make up the duo #Tough Love, tough – you are too late. They are officially the bangin’ deep house kings of – well – right now. What’s that sound? The sound of hard earned solid graft turned into monster success. If ever there was a master class on how to get to the top – this London duo have followed it  – all the way to the top. So Freakin’ Tight. Two words of advice – if you haven’t already – ORDER IT.  They have collaborated their Get Twisted label with Island Records to bring us the house track of the year.

We can even forgive the video, because it’s funny despite being solid white cheesy, in a bad way, and love it or hate it; the track still makes you feel like dancin’. It’s a TGIF tune to play before you go out – when you arrive – in the middle of the night and again on the way home. Bangin’.  Do not be surprised if they rerelease the rather perfect house track The Night is Callin’ which is of the same genre, but not quite as catch all.  Tough Love brought in the New Year playing three sets in three clubs from Manchester to London – let’s hope they let us know where this  New Year and we can follow them through the night. They can also be found on KISS FM from midnight on Thursdays and again on Kiss FM fresh Sundays.

Written by MC Browne for 9/3/2015

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